We offer a wide range of customized consulting services that include, but are not limited to:


Project and Program Management
Business Systems and Architecture
Change Management
Integrated Training Programs


When you choose to work with kre, we’ll help you determine which services best suit your needs. A key part of that effort is the identification of key knowledge, insight, and learnings that already exist with your organization. We then combine those internal resources with our experience and insights to develop and implement solutions that work for your business, your leadership and your employees, and your customers.


We believe that effective project management is both an art and a science. When working with clients, we consider what makes each project unique and tailor our methodology to it. Our project and program management offerings incorporate the most up-to-date industry standards and best practices, customized to fit your project during the following stages:


Lead Project Planning and Implementation: We’ll help you plan and balance your project’s scope, cost and time-line during implementation. Once underway, we will monitor project execution and progress and recommend in-course adjustments if necessary.


Set Up Project and Program Management Offices (PMO): We’ll develop a PMO tailored specifically to your organization. A PMO that accurately reflects your organization’s resources and goals can help your team members manage and prioritize multiple projects and more effectively allocate time and resources. A key element in the development of your PMO will be to provide standards, metrics, and measurable progress points that are relevant not only to the specific project, but also to your core business purpose.


Project Mobilization: We will help you define and staff project teams, determine internal and external resource requirements, articulate the project charter and complete all the activities required for a successful project launch, and ultimately, equally successful project execution.


Process Quality Assurance: Develop and implement project controls, standards and best practices.  This includes risk mitigation, evaluation of project readiness at the end of each major phase and overall integration across functions.


Additionally, our QA team performs testing planning, design and execution across the complete life cycle of complex software implementations.  We follow industry best practices and methodologies for Functional, System, Integration and User Acceptance testing.  This also includes compiling test results and preparing reports for management / executive presentations.


Our business architects will help you translate your business vision into reality. We believe in the importance of effective systems and business architecture in providing a solid foundation upon which to build change or successfully complete a major business project. The business architect’s role on a project is essential to ensuring the project’s relevance to the client’s organizational culture, vision, mission and goals. We achieve results through a multi-step process:


Developing A Strategic Capability Roadmap: Our business architects will work with you to create a strategic capability roadmap for your organization, which will help you move toward your short- and long-term strategic goals.


Creating Value-Driven Business Cases and Requirements: This step involves identifying the key reasons for initiating your project or driving a specific change within your organization, then developing the specific business requirements to necessary to guide important decision making throughout the project.


Implementing Business- and Systems-Driving Processes: We help you put business and systems processes in place which will effectively move your organization toward your short- and long-term strategic goals.


Organizational transformation requires dedication and planning on both the strategic (organizational) and tactical (team and individual) levels. We will help you successfully execute organizational change initiatives through the following services:


Communicate Change Strategy: We will help you develop and communicate a clear vision for change that is aligned to your business purpose, includes fundamental operating principles, and clearly articulates that impact it will have on your organization.


Introduce Change Goal, Tactics and Tools: We’ll work together to introduce and communicate change goals, tactics and deliver change-driving tools in a way that create a clear vision of the future – and how you will get there – across the organization. A key element in successfully implementing organizational change is the delivery of clear messages regarding change goals and the key tactics which will drive change. Important in this communication is the clear and understandable communication of each individual or team’s responsibilities related to the desired change, with a specific and reasonable timelines for meeting those responsibilities.


Change Catalyst and Adoption: We will help you engage your teams, build internal support for change and create the motivation to act on change. We will help you develop communications that will help create a change-welcoming atmosphere within your organization – one in which your teams and employees feel empowered to help your organization drive change, rather than feel threatened by it.

“To drive successful organizational change, you must build a very personal understanding of both the end game and the path for getting there.”


We can provide an integrated training program for employees who have project execution responsibilities. We offer practical training that brings immediate value by customizing the curriculum, exercises, and deliverables to the specific project responsibilities of the training participants. Topics that are often covered include:


Project Management

Change Management

Effective Business Communication

Systems Delivery Methodology

IT/Business Line Working Relationship


We skip the one-size-fits-all solutions and instead offer a holistic training program tailored to your organization.

Across the spectrum of services we provide, there is one overriding constant: an intense focus on the client. The first step of every relationship we enter into is working with the client to determine which services are the best fit for that particular client’s organization and specific goals. Contact us to begin the conversation.