Training and Change Management Coordinator


Location: Seattle/Tacoma WA


This position provides services to support the many components of project training, communication and change management. The training services will include training plan development, curriculum development, material development, vendor engagement and training delivery. Communication services will include the development and execution of project communication plans, leveraging numerous communication techniques to ensure projects are effectively communicating to all identified stakeholders. Change management includes all components typically found in project based change management required to affect change and drive value and transition.
Minimum qualifications include:

  • Experience with project communication management and training plan development of at least five projects in the past five years similar in size and complexity as to the project or job being considered
  • Experience in identifying, choosing appropriate training methods per project in class training, train the trainer, webinars, vendor driven training, etc.
  • Effective marketing and communication skills to sell projects and programs vision to staff at all levels
  • Ability to work with project/program manager to ensure scope covers the necessary aspects required to deliver the products or services that will lead to approved benefits
  • Demonstrated leadership on transition management and effectively integrating change into the business and transitioning to new ways of working
  • Ability and experience in working with vendors to develop training material and curriculum
  • Experience in arranging, coordinating and delivering project training courses on technology based subjects


In addition, the following qualifications are strongly preferred:

  • Utility experience, particularly power and water utilities
  • Direct project or program experience in project training, communication and change management

Knowledge of information systems