KRE Consulting, LLC is a management consulting organization that specializes in project / program management, process quality assurance and business architecture / analysis.  Our primary focus is the Utilities / Energy industry.

We strive to help clients drive positive, meaningful change to achieve specific project success or large-scale business transformation. We focus on change that improves your business, accelerates progress toward your goals, and creates sustainable momentum.

Our approach consists of identifying and developing the knowledge, ideas, and vision trapped within each client’s organization and using our insights, experience, and inspiration to help clients drive strategic transformation and business success.

We are in Pasadena, CA which places us at the heart of major industries, academia and source for talent.


Our expert consultants specialize in customized services with a focus on four key areas:  Project / Program Management (includes Process Quality Assurance), Business & Systems architecture, Change Management and Project Management Training.

Project & Program Management

We believe meaningful project management is both an art as well as a science. We use our skills to make sure your project is aligned with your business purpose and customized to be a good fit for your competitive environment, business goals, and organizational culture. Our offerings utilize industry best practices, customized to fit your project.

Change Management

Change management is an integral part of organizational transformation. We build change management practices at both the strategic and individual levels to ensure your organization is able to implement and embrace change initiatives.

Business Systems & Architecture

It is essential have a solid foundation before building change or beginning a new project. Our business architects will help turn your vision of your organization into reality through a multi-step processes that includes creating a strategic capability roadmap and implementing business- and systems-driven processes.

Program Management Training

We provide an integrated training program for employees who have project execution responsibilities.  Our programs focus on bringing immediate value by customizing the curriculum, exercises, and deliverables to the actual project responsibilities of the participants.


We are knowledgeable and experienced consultants with highly relevant business and industry knowledge.

Our leaders bring deep knowledge and are considered thought leaders in the field of project management, execution of complex engagements and process improvement.  As a result, they have built a team that complements and extends this core.

Herag Haleblian

Herag Haleblian

Founder; Managing Partner

Professor, University of Southern California

Erich Kreidler

Erich Kreidler

Managing Partner

Professor, University of Southern California


We are an organization you can count on when you have a project – or face a problem – that is essential to your business success. We lean in to each project with a full and enthusiastic commitment so that each client can confidently lean on kre as a catalyst for success. Very simply, we take your success personally.

We bring clients experienced and inspired consultants – with highly relevant business and industry knowledge – within a fair and reasonable rate structure.
We focus on building strong relationships at all levels of your organization, enabling you to optimize human resources to develop and implement successful approaches to complex problems and projects.
Our team understands the absolute importance of developing solutions that ensure the right people are doing the right things, with the right processes.